From a Literary Ambience to the Corporate Environment (Alumna Interaction: 11)

From a Literary Ambience to the Corporate Environment

The Department of English organized the 11th Alumna Interaction Session on 7th April, 2021. Devyani Tyagi from the class of 2014 was invited to speak on the topic "From a Literary Ambience to the Corporate Environment". Ms. Tyagi, a Brand Manager with Reliance Digital, Mumbai, started with a tour through her journey beginning from the field of Literature and then pursuing a career in the corporate world. Having first worked as a Customer Sales Executive at Grofers, she elaborated how her position escalated within four months to the marketing team, mainly because of her dedication and leadership qualities. While talking about her own professional journey, the speaker also explored the various fields of work in this sector, such as Public Relations, Brand Management, HR, etc.

She gave insights into the skills looked out for, the research required, and the management needed to create and augment the consumer pull. She further discussed the significance of humanities in understanding and interpreting culture, society and its demands. Adding to it, she identified her literature background and the experience of her undergraduate years as a strong foundation for her personality, giving the professors special credit for their roles as mentors and role models.

Ms. Tyagi, at the end, inspired the participants with her motivational words and advice about taking criticism positively, introspecting on feedback and to be honest to oneself. Citing her own "non-linear" career path, she showed the importance of perseverance and confidence in building one's personal and professional identity.

With this, the talk concluded, and was followed by questions and comments from the students as well as faculty, which re-emphasized and added to her thoughtful statements. The lecture turned out to be a truly inspiring event.