Alumna Session (21) : Academics and More

The Department of English organized its  21st Alumna-interaction session virtually on Wednesday28 September 2022. The speaker was Shubhangi Bhatnagar from the class of 2018The session started with a formal introductory speech by the HOD, Dr Rimika Singhvi.  This was followed by the presentation given by the guest speaker on the topic ‘Academics and More’. Ms Bhatnagar shared her personal experiences with the students as well as reflected on her choicesof study. Right from doing several internships with NGOs and volunteering in many events like the JLF to having her paper published and gaining work experience in media as a journalist and editor. 


Thereafter, she shared many more informative pieces of detail along the way, encouraging students to engage in various professional and skill-development courses such as NPTEL, those offered in film-making by FTII, among others. She also talked about several allied areas or study and work - such as forensics, academic consultancy, copywriting, creative writing, etc. - available to students graduating with a degree in Eng. Lit. Ms. Bhatnagar advised the students in their final year to start preparing early for competitive exams such as NET and entrance exams as well. She urged those inclined towards research to first develop a PhD proposal after post-graduation before enrolling for Doctoral Studies & publish research papers for strengthening one’s SOP when applying to the top universities for further studies. She also suggested that literary websites and online resources such as NPTEL, and social media platforms like LinkedIn, should be made good use of for furthering one’s career-related interests. 


Towards the end of the session, she shared insights on her Master’s journey from EFL university, Hyderabad which insisted on her to think in a critical manner and shaped her in many useful ways. Lastly, the staff members presented their vote of thanks and concluded the session. The main objective of conducting such sessions is to have the current students connect with the alumnae who share with the students their experience, key learnings and future plans. This serves to inspire the students and helps them become familiar with the path they will soon walk on.