Alumna-interaction (20): Literature and the Way Forward

Alumna-Interaction Session 


April 20, 2022


The 20th in the series of the virtual Alumna interaction sessions - organised by the Department of English - was held on 20 April ‘22 and featured Shrutika Methi, who is from the class of 2018 of the BA (Hons.) programme in English Literature. Shrutika went on to complete her Masters in English from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, and is now working on her PhD research proposal based on cinematic and memory studies for pursuing Doctoral studies. The session was entitled “Literature and the Way Forward”. 


Shrutika began by talking about her experience as an undergraduate student and then as an educator with one of the top digital learning platforms, UnacademyShe further educated the audience about the various methods and ways for attracting freelance opportunities, whether in writing, designing or any other area. She gave tips on how to monetise one’s skills and to have a digital presence in this day and age of digital marketing. The alumna also encouraged the students to create digital profiles on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and suggested them to link their works for better reach and visibilityShe advised the students to upskill themselves and make use of the variety of free courses offered on Coursera, SWAYAM, etc. Having recently qualified the NET, Shrutika shared vital tips with the students on cracking the exam as well as the GATE and provided the students with valuable sources to help them begin with their preparations for such exams.


The session concluded with an interaction and a Q&A-round. It was a very informative session and helped the attendees get a deeper insight on how a degree English Literature and literary studies can open up for them l varied range of career avenues as also the option of entrepreneurship in the age of digital media and humanities.