Guest Lecture on Feminism as Experience: Women We Forgot to Include in History

A guest lecture on Feminism as Experience: Women We Forgot to Include in History was organized on 21 February, 2018 by the Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The IIS University. The guest lecture was delivered by the eminent Tamil author and researcher in women's studies, Dr. C.S. Lakshmi who is also the Director of SPARROW, Sound and Picture Archives for research on women. She was accorded a floral welcome by Dr Rimika Singhvi.

She elaborated on the feminine experience primarily consisting of being categorized in the binaries of good and bad women. Dr. Lakshmi emphasized that the unalterable, static definitions of womanhood can only be challenged through the inclusion of women’s narrative in history, enabling them to define their own selves. She discussed how in patriarchal societies women’s inclusion in history could only be justified as an extension of their homes. She reiterated the importance consistently expanding the notions of empowerment of women and contesting the existing boundaries. The lecture concluded by elaborating on revolutionary women who have been systematically wiped out of history. Mr Bhaskar Banerjee presented a memento as a token of gratitude.