Enrichment Lecture on Approaches to Literary Studies: Postmodernism as Political and Ethical Practice

As part of academic activities, an Enrichment Lecture was organized by the Department of English on 14 July at The IISU campus for students and scholars. The Resource Person was Prof. Anita Singh from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi and the title of the lecture was Approaches to Literary Studies: Postmodernism as Political and Ethical Practice. The event began with a formal welcome by Ms. Priyanka Ruth Prim. Dr. Rimika Singhvi, Head, Department of English extended a floral greeting and Dr. Shruti Rawal, Additional Head, presented a memento as token of gratitude to the guest. 

The lecture opened with an orientation of students and scholars of literature to the terms theory, literary theory and literary criticism. Beginning from ancient to the postmodern world, Prof. Singh delivered a crisp, yet extensive lecture to provide a conceptual background to the origin and purpose of the terms. She also spoke about the political and ethical values behind reading and studying literature from colonial to the postmodern times. The scholars were also introduced to various eminent critics and philosophers in the field of literature and their seminal works that have contributed to the principles of literary criticism, along with an insight into linguistics which forms an integral part of the branch of literary studies.

The young scholars and students who benefitted by the reading and scholarship of Prof. Singh found the lecture to be an enriching experience, which broadened their minds and showed them new and emerging possibilities of research in the field of  literary studies.