BEC Teacher Support Programme

A Teacher Support Programme was organized by the Department of English at IIIM to train 14 faculty members and research scholars from The IIS University, IIIM and UEM, Jaipur for teaching the Business English Certificate Course. The one day training schedule began with a warm welcome to the trainer Ms. Monisha Gupta, the Principal Presenter of Examinations and Teacher Trainer with the Cambridge University, UK, and a round of self-introduction with special emphasis on the expectations from the training. The brief introduction to Cambridge University, its examinations and its various practices and beliefs was succeeded by an activity where the participants had to know more about each other within a time limit and which informed the participants of the ways they can prepare their students for interaction with strangers. After the tea break the session moved ahead to engage the participants in wall-crawling, in order to teach them the various sub-skills of Listening. The instructor also informed about some stirrers and settlers that can be used to keep the students motivated and active through the class.  Post-lunch session focused on the various sub-skills of Reading and the trainees were advised to enhance the vocabulary of the students through MPFC format (Meaning, Pronunciation, Form and Context). During the Writing session of the programme, the participants were informed of various ways to develop the writing skills of the students especially cohesion, coherence, accuracy and fluency in their expression. The session on speaking began after a quick coffee break with a video of the speaking test of two candidates through which the participants got to know the knitty-gritty of training the students for the same. Other activities like cloze gap filling while listening to a song, match the statements through wall-crawl, note taking, skimming, scanning and interesting energizers helped the participants  gain maximum out of the programme. At the end, the speaker was thanked for the same through a token of gratitude and the group photograph sealed the moment.